Intuitive Eating Can Keep You Healthy and Happy During Stressful Times of the Year

Although, encouragement to hate our bodies and diet happen all year round, there are times of the year when the draw to diet is stronger. For you, it may be in January, before summer or before the start of a new school year. Let intuitive eating help guide you through these tough times.

We are bombarded with encouraging messages to diet for happiness and health every. darn. day.

Online, on TV, in magazines, from family, friends and even our health care team, we are told that losing weight is the answer to all of our problems- from disease prevention and management to body image issues, we are sold the lie that dieting and being in a smaller body will fix these concerns. Sadly, dieting makes these worse. In a frustrating twist of reality, we have come to believe that restricting food will somehow make things better, when in reality, it makes things much, much worse. 

Paradoxically, our relationship with food and with our body worsens the more we try to control them. Our preoccupation with what we eat, how much we move and the size of our body becomes more intense. Soon, food and exercise take up so much brain space that there is hardly room left for anything else! Break free from the crushing diet culture and consider an alternative way of living and eating. 

Intuitive eating offers an empowering and freeing perspective on food, health and nutrition.

It encourages rediscovering trust in our body and appetite. It encourages nourishing our body with enough food and moving to feel good, not to 'be good'. It encourages us to be more neutral towards our size and body in order to take care of it as it deserves.


With the purchase of this course, you will receive:

-access to a set of videos that are narrated by Lisa Rutledge, RD with accompanying sides depicting what she is talking about. In total, there are 80 minutes of videos outlining how intuitive eating can help you during stressful times of the year. 

-a pdf copy of the slides Lisa presents in the videos. 

-the ability to comment and ask questions to Lisa, directly on the course platform. 

-6 concrete activities to help you become a more intuitive eater, ditch dieting and make peace with food and your body. 

-a space free of diet talk, body or food shaming and encouragement for body acceptance. 

WARNING: the messages of food and nutrition in this course may be completely different than what you have been taught. And, these messages may also align perfectly with your values. 


Lisa Rutledge, RD

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