4 Weeks of Wellness

It is normal to want to improve your health and wellbeing.

It is not normal (or necessary) to avoid your favourite foods or feel deprived along the way. 


Rather than putting your energy towards another diet, have you considered making peace with food?

Improving your relationship with food and working towards eating more intuitively does wonders for our mental and physical health. 

Since many of the messages we have recieved about health revolve around weight loss, it is no wonder our mind goes there at times of transitions such as the new year or in the spring. But there are other, more long lasting and health enhancing ways to go about improving wellbeing. 

This free, 4 week mini course will walk you through the first steps towards finding peace with your body and food. It is based on the prinicples of intuitive eating, body liberation and the concept that eating is so much more than a way to nourishing our physical body. 

I hope you consider joining me as we explore empowering ways to improve wellness that have nothing to do with diets or deprivation. 


This time of year is fraught with diet culture messages that promise a heck of a lot!


The messages that a smaller body or food restriction somehow will make us more worthy or improve wellbeing are very sneaky.
Before you use your time, money and energy investing in a program or lifestyle that asks you to ignore your hunger, food preferences or need for rest, I invite you to consider a different approach.


It is so normal that the new year sparks the need in us to make a change for the better. Why not direct that energy and time towards something more sustainable and wellbeing enhancing?
I have put together a 4 week mini-program that will walk you through helpful steps towards body liberation and peace with food.


If you feel the need to “do something” about your wellbeing this winter, may I suggest reducing your stress and worry around food and body.


How much does this cost?

Nothing! I am offering to you for free as a way to combat diet culture and give back to my community. 


When does it start?

NOW! You can start the 4 week program when ever you feel ready. I have laid out the content so you can be guided at a comfortable pace through activities such as journaling prompts, worksheets, recommended podcasts and articles.

Each week, a set of activities will be unlocked. After 4 weeks, all the actitives will be available to you and you are welcome to go back over them or re-do them at your own pace. 


How long will I have access to the content?

6 months. 


What can I expect?

Every week I will post an activity to help you reflect on your relationship with food or your body along with something to read or listen to (like a podcast or article) that will discuss the theme of the week (for example, food rules and the huge effects of deprivation). As well as an action you may consider doing this week to work towards healing. You can take a peek at the "curriculum" by scrolling down. 


Who is this for?

Most anyone who would like to improve their relationship with food and reduce worry around eating and body image. 

This is not appropriate for people who are currently living with an eating disorder. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about taking this course: [email protected]

Free Access for 6 Months

This is an online school for anyone to learn more about how to live a healthy, happy life free from dieting and deprivation.